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>> tonight ofrontline, montana, the surprising battleground over campaign finance. >> somebody is buying the state out. >> more ads, more spending, more negativity. >> we're not seeing where the money's coming from. >> look who's controlling the message: it's these outside groups. >> in collaboration with american public media's marketplace, frontline investigates money and politics with the groundbreaking "big money 2012" initiative. >> the supreme court put elections in the hands of corporations and big money. >> it doesn't corrupt the process; it's necessary for the process. >> what does that say about democracy, though? >> it says that this is completely irrelevant information that only some left-wing nut jobs care about. >> marketplace's kai ryssdal uncovers startling new evidence of outside interest groups' influence on campaigns. >> i found these buckets of documents. >> we have boxes and folders full of candidate signatures being faxed to western tradition partnership. >> i'm literally not going to comment on them. >> i would say we had grounds to proceed with an inve
to vote. .. >> now former congressman rick hill debates steve bullock. the winner will replace. >> montana public radio, yellowstone public radio and the university of montana's journalism% debate night. the race for governor. productions for debate night was provided by the greater montana foundation, encouraging communication on issues, trends and values of importance to montana and by viewers like you who are friends of montana pbs. thank you. >> moderator: good evening and welcome to our coverage on debate night gave us like to welcome viewers across the country on c-span, those online at montana public media clusters in the austin public public radio. and just it, i'll menace both get you you two are missoula studio. republican rick hill and democrat steve bullock based on independent polling, the libertarian candidate did not reach 5% and is not included. again tonight we went postdebate analysis, including a research team from university of montana school of journalism checking information for us throughout the debate. also with sr analyst and back once again its republic and, forme
presidential candidates. coming up, tonight's debate between the senator from montana and his republican challenger. then, and look at efforts to stop the online sale of the legal prescription drugs. later, the religion news writers association examines religious freedom and the first amendment. >> our campaign 2012 debate hubble web site provides live and on-demand coverage of all the presidential and vice presidential debates, and it is the only place you will see behind the scenes coverage, before and after the debates. the site has the debate question available who has a separate court. watch your creative clips and read streaming tweets from political reporters along with your questions. >> no, in montana care -- in montana, one of the closest senate races of the country. it is rated a toss up. this debate is courtesy of montana pbs. it is 90 minutes. >> here's tonight's moderator, steve prosinski. >> good evening and welcome to tonight's u.s. senate debate by billings gazette communication. i'm steve prosinski, editor of the gazette. many thanks to the chancellor, director of unive
for the senate in montana is a tossup according to a report. this debate isn't courtesy of montana pbs. >> good evening and welcome to tonight's u.s. senate debate by billings gazette communication. i'm steve prosinski, editor of the gazette. many thanks to the chancellor, director of university relations, and many others, for providing a perfect venue for this exchange of opinions and ideasbetween denny rehberg and senator john tester a democrat. three veteran montana reporters will ask questions. montana public broadcasting and c-span are broadcasting tonight's debate. yellowstone public radio are broadcasting our forum also and the gazette is streaming it live on gazette.com. our timekeeper is a 20-year-old senior from billings, majoring in accounting. he also is a student body vice president. each candidate will have one minute to answer a question, then the other candidate we have one minute to respond. a 30 second rebuttal will be allowed. each candidate will have two minutes for a closing statement. before we go to the questions, we all ask you hold your applause until off the closing co
. the cook political report has it as a tossup. this hourlong debate is courtesy of montana pds. >> moderator: good evening and welcome to tonight's u.s. senate debate sponsored by the billings gazette communications and montana state university killings. i am steve, editor of the gazette and moderator of tonight's forum. many thanks to the billings chancellor, director of university relations dan carver and many others for partnering with us and provide the perfect venue for this exchange of opinions and ideas between representative denny rehberg republican from billings and jon tester. three veteran montana reporters last tonight's questions. from left to right, mike denison is a reporter and a visit state bureau in helena. tom lutey a reporter and jackie yamanaka of yellowstone public radio. the list on public radio and the northwestern broadcast system of broadcasting as well and the gazette is streaming live on billings gazette.com. our timekeeper this neck and a 20-year-old senior from the wings. he is majoring in accounting and also is a student body vice president. each candidate will
-- the candidates of the u.s. senate in montana. the square of a one of the closest races in the country. this is the first debate between the candidates. >> virginia. this is the people close the debate. brought to you by aarp virginia. the peoples of debate. now, tonight's host. >> to matt, in a very close race, the candidates will answer questions about the issues voters in virginia will face. the moderator tonight, the political analyst and moderator of many debates in central virginia. >> thank you. let's introduce the candidates trying to beat the next u.s. senator. tunis tonight are two former governors of the commonwealth. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine. both know the stakes are high. tonight's debate is being broadcast on television stations throughout virginia. you can join live conversation about the debate on twitter #peoplesdebate. here is a look of the guideline for the debate. and it's will answer questions for me and our panel. for each question, the cat is for whom it is directed will have 90 seconds to respond and the other will have 60 se
's likely she's using her criminal know-how to fund her life on the run. bozeman, montana. a gateway to yellowstone national park, it's a long day's drive from barksdale and jackson's home in sacramento. in the summer of 2007, a young woman from kentucky named patience isaacs arrives in town. she's come to meet james kevin dixon, a.k.a. "cheez" -- a man who romanced her online. he's a pimp from las vegas, and like barksdale, whom he eventually works for, he's a former gang member with a lengthy criminal record. >> ms. isaacs thought she was mr. dixon's girlfriend. >> narrator: robert lasky is the fbi's assistant special agent in charge for montana. >> clearly, he took advantage of her being naive. >> narrator: dixon has a strange way of showing his affection. instead of taking ms. isaacs out to dinner, he has her take out pre-paid debit cards in her own name. a few months after they meet, they start going to banks. while dixon waits in the car, she puts the plastic to use. >> she flashed her credit card. she said, "can i do a cash advance on a credit card?" and i said, "yes." and she
system up in northern minnesota and wisconsin. numerous rain showers in idaho and montana. this storm will be very windy over the next 24 to 48 hours. montana into the dakotas. as far as the rain goes, it's over with for connecticut, most of massachusetts. a few showers boston down to providence. those should be gone by the time we get to the heart of the rush hour. up in maine you will have to deal with some showers during your morning commute. the forecast for today. i mentioned it will be a mild, beautiful day. near 80. denver, kansas city. st. louis. chicago near 70. this is a beautiful, beautiful day. everyone on the east coast. it will be a little more windy and cooler. dry and near 60 degrees. it is beautiful by most people's fall standards. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look outside your window. washington, d.c., one of those spots that's starting to see some patchy color on the leaves and a beautiful, sunny day will make it look nicer. should be very mild in areas of tennessee, kentucky looks great. 2345shville, 74 degrees. enjoy. i didn't mention it y
'clock with their families... after getting lost in montana. montana.the extreme conditions their oon for several days. a ravens superrtar... going back on the roster.when terrell suggs is expected to be reactivattd... and put back ((break )) - 3 coming uu in our 6 o'clock hhor... the earth shakes... in place.the surprise quake that england. 3
. that is what he did in his subcommittee. let's be honest with the people of state of montana. let us be accountable to them. let us talk about the decisions you have been making. you have not been responsible. >> representative rehberg, 30 seconds. >> anybody with the room believe i do not want to see a farm bill? you agree with it and i agree with it. if you did travel around the 56 counties and you did listen to those having livestock disaster assistance, we passed a disaster assistance livestock bill to the house of representatives that you couldn't get it through. you held it hostage for your five year farm bill. i want a farm bill as well. we agree on that. if you were listening to the people of montana, you know they wanted livestock mitigation. we could have done it. it passed the house of representatives. you didn't have the leadership ability to get that bill through. you played politics by holding it hostage. >> don't i get a 30 second rebuttal? >> that was his 30. >> well. [laughter] >> sorry, rules are rules. now it's time for each candidate to ask questions of the other
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are judge.a >> two local veterinarians after a hike in the mountains in montana. atood morning washington" 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good monday morning to you. it's october 15. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. changes coming our way. that should hold off until commute.r the rain will stay off to the west. starting out really want this morning. warm.lly be in the metro area by midmorning. e looking at 66 at reagan national, 67 adults, 66 in gaithersburg, 64 degrees i frederick. we will reach the low 70's this afternoon. the chance of showers will increase. at dulles currently. let's check on the morning with jamie. >> time to get up and going. park police have wrapped up on george washington parkway northbound just about. still seeing some barrels and construction workers. southbound lanes have been opened. problems on 95 between stafford city.le in manassas, sudley road near manassas mall have been reopened. 270 past falls road, a quiet start. back to you. >> thank you. the
are believed to be missing in montana in the glazer national park. and charley is at the live desk. the weather is not making it easier for the search. >> reporter: not at all. weather is the big factor right now in the search for the two men. jason highser who you mentioned and neal peckens of virginia. they were initially reported missing after they failed to catch a flight home from montana. this is the picture all new today. we have learned that he and pecken's vehicle was found friday and a search party of 50 people was organized on saturday. they have been combing the terrain of glacier national park but wintery weather is impeding that search. the park reports there's 18 inches of snow on the trail and cloudy conditions making it impossible for aerial searches. but this morning we have youtaken care of. if you go to the national park website, national park servicenps.gov they have web cams for the glacier national park. if you want to watch the ongoing search for the guys, you can see this throughout the course of the day. once again nps.gov the glacier national forest in montana. we wil
documentary, big sky, big money, takes a look at a senate race where this is all playing out in montana. >> the supreme court put the elections in the hands of big corporations and big money. >> montana, the surprising battleground over campaign finance. >> somebody is buying the state out. >> more ads, more spending, more negligentivity. >> it's these outside groups. >> it's necessary for the process. >> we are not seeing where the money is coming from. >> what is more important to this country than free speech? >> with me now, correspondent for "frontline" and host and senior editor for public media's marketplace. good saturday to you. montana not usually considered a media capital by any measure. how did it become a battleground of campaign finance? >> here's the thing. that senate race we were talking about, that senate race will control the fate of the u.s. senate. montana has or had, i should say, one of the strictest campaign finance laws in the country. we went out there to see what kind of effect all this outside money that's coming in. it's not just in the senate race. it's in
about the in montana. that were missing for days and montana's glacier national park. that nealnd says and jason hiser have been found and are safe. family members notified authorities after they failed to show up at the airport. we are told that the men walked out of the woods on their own. we will have more at 11:00. a new chapter in the over anrsy metroisement in several stations. o groups are putting as of their own, and that is anti-islam had. the new ads are coming from shoulderder to campaign, which is basically a coalition of religious leaders based here in washington. three new ads at 3 mattress including the one at willie park. -- metro stations, including the park.ght here at whitley it says "hate speech is not civilized. support peace in word and deed." you are going to get a response. the ad is a counterattack on anti-s anti-g hyde -- jihad signs. the american freedom defense organization sponsored that ad. anti-jihad ad hate messages. despite concerns over a negative reaction, a judge ruled that the could put the add onion stations last week. message,not with the simplysa
one out in montana.32 year old jason g - &phiser nd 32 yeer olddneal peekns from virginia... have been missing since friday, after failing o atch a flight home from montana.50 men, but they are concerned becauseerescuers re encountering 18 inches f snow on the rail... and clouds are preventing aerial searches. the number of people infected with meningitts continue to rise... nationwide 200 people have gotten sick from contaainated steroid injections which were desiined to treat ack pain. 15 of those cases are here in maryland...including one death. so far, 15-peoppe have died nationwide. cheek your pantry.today... a new mexico company called "sunland"... which produced jars of peanuu butter... is expanding its ecall.the roasted shelled and innshell --3 maryyand... he producc is sold at trader joe's.aa least 35 people have been siikeeed by salmonella... that's linked to he ompany's products. tooorrow night... preeideet obama anddgovernor itt romney face off in their second debate.president obama is under ppessure... after receiving poorrreviiws from the last debbte.thi
montana. @ team is looking for them, but the weather is complicating issues. 18 inches of snow have fallen. hour nbc affiliate in washington, d.c. spoke with his mother, who says both are experienced hikers. >> alright, we have had a little rain out there in some areas. let's look at hd doppler. there are basically two areas of rain. stretching out to center bill. then another on the suburbs. if you're in baltimore city and it is not raining right now, it probably will be within the next half-hour or so. rain showers are likely. high temperatures, 60's and low 70's. we have some sunshine in the seven-day forecast. i will be back with that in just a minute. >> man, is it a good time to be a baltimore sports fan right now. the o's just ended their season and the ravens of the best record in the afc. even though they barely survived against the dallas cowboys. the touchdown by jacoby jones. 24-13 lead. the cowboys would come back and after a touchdown, they made it two-point conversion and a kick recovery. dallas had one more chance to win. the field goal was ms.. sealing the when -- 39-24 f
the that burned for at thisr an hour facility on sudley road. four units sustained damage. s reported. in montana, two local men vanished while hiking. they are both veterinarians from virginia. one ofssey spoke with the man's mother is about. the about the missing hiker's suv's friend'ss in his herndon.in his mother says the two were supposed to fly back to dulles never made their flight. they are lost somewhere in glacier national forest in montana. >> he walks his dog, so i see him every day. herndon arebors in concerned. >> yes, because he has a small daughter. >> the national park service out 50 people this weekend the missing men, but the search has been hampered by a to a foot and a half of snow at times. mother believes the snow may the man to lose the trail. she's holding out hope. a person works as an animal party aldus in vienna while the ther works as a veterinarian in richmond. there is a site found that they believe may have been a campfire and some footprints. the latest we have heard is they found the two missing hikers. vienna, tom roussey reporting. >> opening statement today in
candidate to the great totally nonswing state of montana. montana has a close senate state, but for president, montana is not hotly contested. so the candidates would usually stay out of a state like that except when they had to be there to raise money. that's when mitt romney was doing in july. at that fundraiser, mitt romney recounted an anecdote from his business career and related that to the presidency of ronald reagan. he told the donors at the event he had three rules when he ran bain capital. the first rule was focus. the second rule was focus. and the third rule was focus. then mr. romney pulled out this presidential historical anecdote to illustrate what he said he meant by that kind of focus. here's how mr. romney's remarks were quoted in the press report that day. the idea was put all your energy and passion at the job all the hand. i heard from secretary jim baker just a couple weeks ago. he said in the first hundred days of the reagan presidency, we had a national security meeting one day where we talked about developments in latin america that were of concern
. >>> an intense rescue mission in montana for two local men reported missing last week. >> plus a chaotic scene two years ago will play out again today in a prince george's county courtroom. two police officers go on trial for their role in this sports- fueled riot at the university of maryland. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. . >>> good morning. straight up 6:00 on this monday, october 15th. taking a live look at route 110 and route 1 in virginia. traffic picking up just a little bit on your morning commute. roll the windows down. kind of nice out. >> let some wind in. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> the redskins have reason to celebrate this morning. they broke and eight-game losing streak at home with a win over the minnesota vikings 38-26. you just a saw that 76-yard run from rg iii to seal the deal. we'll watch it again, it was so great. we'll look at this play again. look at that speed. blazing speed. faster than tucker barnes when he works out after work going to the doughnut shop. that's how fast rg iii was going. look at the look on the
warm october for you. here's the beginnings of the cold air up here in montana with temperatures in the 40s. the rest of the country is a warm morning. we're at 70 degrees to start your morning in washington, d.c. be prepared for a warm, humid day today. we have a couple showers in florida but it's a dry day. the only really trouble area with showers and wet weather will be here here in montana. that's snow in the northern rockies from monzula northward. a few showers in the east today but not a lot of trouble out there. not like yesterday with that heavy rain in new england. just fog to deal with this morning. >> thanks so much, bill. >>> coming up, tech titans duel. >>> and beer bounces back. >>> and the city that is cracking down on snacks. your "first look" at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. >>> plus paul ryan is the latest victim of bad lip reading. that's ahead in scrambled politics. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach art
friday into saturday. today you're in the 80s in areas of montana. tomorrow will be the 40s. enjoy it in minneapolis. the warmest day you'll have. middle of the country looks gorgeous. numerous showers on the eastern seaboard. you do need the umbrella in many of the areas if you live in the east. here's a look at the weather outside your window. chance of showers and storms many areas of florida. little slug of tropical moisture. prepare for a lot of wet weather dod if you're in the sunshine state. we'll see shower and storms today hit and miss ohio valley. it's the first snow and the first cold air that gets your attention. >> i know. you know how much i love it. >> time to change the wardrobe. >> i've already done that. bill, thanks. coming up, manufacturing grows, a salmonella scare spreads and a dreamliner lands somewhere under a rainbow. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, why taylor swift is calling out former flame john mayer. you're watching ea"early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some
men... pwho... were hhking... in monta. montana.32 year old... jjssn iser... and... 32... year old... neal peckees.. / p have been missing... since fridayy... fter ...failing to catch a flight... home... from montana....//50... for the mee,.... - but... they're... ccncerned... because... rescuers... are encountering... 18 inches of snoww.. on... the ttail... / and... clouds are... 58--06they diddsay that this . mmrning the weather wasn't good, but this afternoon it started to break nd they did giant, he's a wonderful he air.- person, and we wiil keeppour prayerssalive." alive."both men....are... maryland. it will be ten years tomorrow since thh dawson family trageey.a famill f seven killed by a eighborhhod drugg pealer..t'' considered he worst tragedy in recent &phissory ere innthe city. city. tomoorow a memorial ii scheduled in east baltimore where he family's house once piih aahigh sshooler whoowent - dawson children. e of thee 13:39:33 when i was asleep i woke up and my twin brotter said i heard that boom ilooked
the family. >>> a happy ending to the story of hikers lost in montana. how they find them safe and sound. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. we saw a lot of rain yesterday, hopefully today will be better. we are off to a chilly start right now. >>> we are a little bit on the coolish side this morning, as you head out the door, need the jacket, the coat. as we go in to the afternoon, more of the same, temperatures will be coming in below average. right now, sykesville, 48 degrees, 50 annapolis, perry hall 48. also to add insult to injury, we have the winds kicking up this morning and that will continue through the the day. the winds northwest at 5-10 miles an hour. gusts up to 20. we are going to have the north westerly flow although maryland's most powerful radar is dries it will stay that way throughout the day and sunshine in here as well. by lunchtime the temperature around 63. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> happy to hear the rain is gone. we are dealing with with construction on 95, blocking the off rach to s
of glacier national park in montana. >> i never felt that this was going to end cat strofically. >> this was perks kins' mom yesterday. today, the duo made their way from montana to richmond, virginia via private aircraft. >> we're just relieved to be back. >> in a statement, glacier national park credits the men's readiness. these hikers were prepared with appropriate equipment and they used their situational awareness skills to determine how to respond to the unexpected in the back country. >> did you tnk that they would find you? did you know? >> definitely. definitely. we had faith in that. >> reporter: the men were cunning, according to fous, they did things like ration food and create s.o.s. messages with logs. no sad story here. tonight, it's about thankfulness. a happy ending to this story. pekins is home with parents, a wife and a beautiful baby girl, madison. >> i know that there's a lot of questions about what went on. but, right now, it's kind of a time for family. >> reporter: yeah, how about those questions? how do you get lost there in glacier state park? what's g
tonight. the search is on for two local hikers missing in montana. >>> but first, after more than 30 years in public services colleagues remember former u.s. senator arlen specter. he died today at the age of 82. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. specter passed away at his home from philadelphia from complications from nonhodgkin's lymphoma. the pennsylvania politician served in the senate for more than 30 years. he sparked controversy in 2009 when he switched parties to run as a democrat for his sixth term. specter said he didn't think he could win the nomination in the increasingly conservative republican party. he lost the primary to then-congressman joe sestak. >>> a developing story right now, a search under way tonight for two local hikers believed to be missing in montana. kneel peckens of virginia and jason hiser of maryland left for a hiking trip in glacier national park. family members reported them missing friday when they failed to catch their flight home. park rangers found their car later today and today six crews combed hiking trails and interviewed visitors. park
veterinarians g in montana. disappeared in glacier national park. rescuers are in a race against the clock. brianne carter has more. >> 32-year-old neal peckens is be and his gn office , but the animal missingisk is still hiking trip last week >> . he's very caring and compassionate. >> and his friend jason been at thed park in montana. supposed to fly back on friday but never made the flight. both men are very smart. colleagues and friends are g for. their safe for >> we are just drawn together as a company and staying positive doingying prayers and what we can for the family. >> national park service rescue out. headed back rescuers have been looking for e two men since saturday, including using specialized dog teams. with more than a foot of snow on the trails and other winter conditions, officials believe they may have gotten lost. they located a campfire and footints thought to be those the men, but no sign the of the long tons friends. his neighbors hope he will be home soon. it is concerning because he has a small daughter. commerce department's as rose 1.1% in september. 1.2%s on t
for. two men from virginia found alive after several days lost in the mountains of montana. >> a luxury retailer weighs in on the debate over same-sex marriage. will the endorsement help or hurt business? >> president obama took a break from the debate to root for the red skins. >> stranded in the snow for five days, they battled the elements and kept hope alive. >> tonight, two veterinarians who were lost have been found and they're okay. erica gonzalez joins us now. >> reporter: jim, this community is where one of those hikers calls home. and just behind these gates, there is a family and a few four-legged friends that are anxiously awaiting their arrival. >> they were like what can you do? >> reporter: it's been nearly a week since cathy has heard from her son. then, at 3:30 today, she woke from her daze. >> when i found out that he was found, i just let go and just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. >> a hiking trip through glacier national park. >> i just knew that neil had put a lot of preparation into the trip. >> friends of neil pekings say the two virginia vetter nairns
park campus. >>> the search has resumed for two virginia hikers who have been missing in montana's glacier national park. rangers and a team of volunteers are looking for the men. neal peckens of herndon, virginia and jason hiser of richmond have not been seen since friday. wintry conditions and 18 inches of snow are hampering this search. >> they did say that this morning the wester wasn't good, but that this afternoon it had started to break and they did have helicopters up in the air. he loves the outside, loves the outdoors, loves to mike. he loves to run. he's very physically fit. >> he's just a gentle giant, a wonderful person. we will keep our prayers alive. >> family members reported that the two hikers missing on friday after they failed to catch their flight home from montana. both men work in veterinarian medicine. >>> a woman pulled from a burning home in upper marlboro has died. firefighters were called to the 800 block of peach leaf court yesterday morning. the fire was put out quickly and paramedics were able to revive the 55-year-old woman before rushing her to th
have gone missing while hiking in montana. >>> and we had a beautiful day today throughout the entire d.c. metro. we got into the 70s. it was a little breezy, but certainly a beautiful sunday. what about monday? i'll tell you about it coming up when i give you the full seven-day forecast. >>> former u.s. senator of pennsylvania has died. he was 82. a family member said that he died this morning of complications from the lymphoma disease, serving 30 years in the senate. and he was facing a rising conservative republican tide when he switched parties and ran into the democratic primary. he lost that race in 2010. the funeral arrangements have not been announced. >>> the 17-year-old is under arrest this evening in connection with the series of armed robberies in college park. the county police said that they arrested robinson at his home in green belt early this morning. they will be charged as an assault. all three robbery victims were a university of the michigan students. the robberies took place in the span of an hour near the college park last wednesday. two virginia hikers missing to
been -- flown to montana. folks around here may know him. he works out of the second floor of this building in vienna and the surgery on pats. tonight, friends and family are hoping they can make it better -- he can make it back ok. >> missing hiker jason hiser's car still sits at his friend neal peckens us a driveway in herndon. the two were supposed to fly back to dulles friday but never made their flight. they are lost somewhere in glacier national forest in montana. >> i see him every day. >> his neighbors are very concerned. >> it is concerning. he has a small daughter. >> the national park service as they sat at 50 people this weekend to search for the two men, but the search has been hampered by what is at times up to a foot and a half of snow. his mother hopes that -- is holding out hope. her son works as a animal oncologist in vienna, and the veterinarian. here is the latest news from the national park service -- they say they have found a campsite that they believe may have been theirs. they also found footprints that maybe there's, but they have not found the men
. >>> a developing story this morning. the search under way for two virginia hikers missing in montana. neal peckens of herndon and jason hiser left for glacier national park in montana last week. both men are veterinarians. yesterday 50 rangers searched the hiking trails. they found tracks in the area and a fire ring. rangers say it may be evidence of the missing men. they also have the hikers' park permits, which will help them narrow the search area. >> we know they have a back country permit, and that showed where they will be hiking. we at least have the general area. perhaps the weather is playing something with this. we're not sure what's going on, but we'll continue to do what we can. >> park rangers say the men have gone off trail due to the high winds and snow. >>> today several religious groups will call on metro to donate the money received from a controversial advertising campaign. the coalition, which includes representatives from christian, jewish, and muslim groups wants metro to
do you have here? montana, north dakota, nevada, virginia, wisconsin. i want to talk about the pure toss-ups. north dakota, this is the race, it's sort of representative of what this cycle has turned into. there are a lot of like, hey, red state might go blue, blue state might go red in the senate races. who says there's polarization? >> that's true. for the first time in three cycles, no wave to ride, so you've seen a grudge match. and in north dakota, what you have is a democratic candidate with a good family name in the state running maybe among the best senate campaigns in the country. >> against a freshman member of congress trying for a promotion. maybe when you look back you're going to think a little bit too soon. >> a little bit too soon. and if romney can, you know, win big in north dakota, he's clearly going to win, that helps. >> big, right. >> but if it's not big enough, given where berg's been, could be problematic. >> presidential coattails and the battle for the senate in the presidential swing states, it's a place like virginia. >> yeah, that's the one to watch. i m
for two hikers from virginia who have been missing in montana. news4 has just spoken to the wife of one of the hikers who said they have been found and they are alive. neal peckens and jason hiser went hiking in montana's glacier national park last week. they were reported missing on friday. a massive search began this weekend. we're still awaiting more details, but peckens' wife is telling us that a helicopter is being sent to pick the two men up. >>> there is a homicide investigation in templesville, maryland. police say someone was shot and killed in the hill crest heights neighborhood. in the 3400 block of 25th avenue. no identity on the victim or suspect sor what led to the shooting. >>> an attorney for gallaudet university is speaking out about the gay marriage petition controversy. the university placed angela mccaskill on leave after she designed a petition to put maryland's same-sex marriage law on the ballot. mccaskill's attorney said she's not anti-gay, and just wanted voters to decide whether the law passes. mccaskill is scheduled to speak in annapolis on tuesday. her attorn
but that looks to be starting to wind down. a little system is coming in moving into montana. it will draw this one up here and it will give us a continuation of fog. it is close but it has started the west wind. if that west wind starts earlier, it is still warm to hot inland. but for today, maybe a few, 60s and 70s and 80s, much closer, carry that into the clouds and i think the main message is cooler and breezy. >>> the remarkable story, survival of a dog stuck inside the grill of a car for 11 miles. amazing story of survival and how this dog is doing. >>> as you drive to 101, we will tell you about the morning commute and the bay area weather. . >>> they ordered a report for 9 police shootings. they stated they were sympathetic towards fellow police and police officers who opened fire did not face an immediate threat. officers as well as others may well be disciplined. they will consider outsourcing police services in order to save money. however the santa clara sheriff's office just pulled out of the building to take over law enforcement. they will let the public vote on whether they
and much of florida. gusty winds from seattle to minneapolis. and the montana mountains could get nearly a foot of snow. already making snowmen. >> can you believe that time of the year again? 50s from billings into the dakotas. 80s in colorado springs, albuquerque and across the south. mostly 70s in the northeast and midwest. >>> and when we come back, up, up and away. an unusual triple-shot of economic improvement. >> good news this morning. >>> and also, the anchorwoman who turned a viewer's letter about her weight into a four-minute on-air smackdown. >>> and later, one lucky, little dog who survived a long ride, stuck in the grille of a car. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. >>> welcome back. there are several signs that the economy is improving this morning. u.s. auto sales were up again last month to their highest level in more than four years. part of that is buyers need to replace aging vehicles and feel more confident about their jobs. loans are cheaper and easier to obtain, as well. >>> and home prices were up more than 4.5% in august, compared to last year. th
, rescue efforts still under way in montana for two missing hikers from our area. they were reported missing on friday when they didn't return home from montana. rescuers are searching glacier national park where the men's car was found. >>> on the campaign trail, both president obama and mitt romney are preparing for tomorrow's debate. the president took a break yesterday to deliver some pizza to his virginia campaign staff. romney spent yesterday doing debate preps and attending church. this morning, he campaigns in wisconsin and then he is off to cincinnati for a rally at noon. >>> the redskins had a win over the minnesota vikings 38-26. >> robert griffin iii had a 76- yard touchdown run. >> it was a promise he made to his teammates just last week. he threw for 182 yards and one touchdown. one of the scores has everybody talking. >> i'm likethiss for a second. i watched him from the back. i was like take that. >> he's zoned. they're not catching him. >> it was all blur. the tight end coach said he felt me run by him because of the gust of wind. i guess i was that fast. >> rg iii
about two virginia hikers missing in montana's glacier national park. rangers and a team of 50 looking for the men tonight. neal peckens and another have not been heard of since friday. wintery conditions and 18 inches of snow in the park are hampering the search. >> they did say this morning the weather wasn't good, but that this afternoon it had started to break. and they did have helicopters up in the air. he loves the outside. loves the outdoors. loves to bike. he loves to run. he's very physically fit. >> he's a gentle giant. he's a wonderful person and we will keep our prayers alive. >> family members reported the 32-year-old hikers missing friday after they failed to catch their flight home from montana. 9 news spoke to peckens wife a short time ago. she's in montana tonight hoping for the best while helping with the search efforts. we also spoke with hiser's mother tonight who says her son and wife are expecting. they both work in veterinarian medicine. >>> firefighters in prince george's county rescued a woman from a burning home this morning. tonight the woman is in critical
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